How to Listen in to LIVE in Progress Mobile Phone Conversations

Be Notified the INSTANT they make or receive a Mobile Call and Immediately Silently INTERCEPT and Listen in to EVERYTHING they Say

Live Conversation Spy Apps

Read this first to learn how to listen to cell phone conversations.


Listening to LIVE, in progress, mobile phone conversations gives you the most incredible power when it comes to finding out the truth.

Listening to someone's mobile phone calls is fantastic if...

Listening to mobile conversations is simpler than you think

This is accomplished by the use of mobile phone software specifically designed to allow you to listen to someone's cell phone conversations. Some of these conversation spying apps are very expensive but there are a few live conversation spy apps extremely inexpensive such as Spybubble PRO $89. Most mobile phone call spying apps are very expensive such as Flexispy which is $349 for a single year. Although Flexispy is a fabulous phone call spying software that is a lot of money and spending that much is not necessary.

If you are interested in learning more about the process of listening in on cell phone conversations and what listening to a live cell phone call is like you will learn exactly what the process and the experience is like.

If you are unfamiliar with the process of eavesdropping on phone conversations then it is suggested you read How to get started cell phone call spying first.

After reading that you can then focus your attention on which conversation spy software you want to use. The list of mobile spy allowing you to listen to phone conversations in order from most expensive to least expensive includes...

As a side not all of these cell phone call listening software programs have many additional features allowing you to spy on many other things related to the target cell phone. One of these additional features is the ability to record cell phone calls you listen to. You should be aware each of these call spying programs have different spy plans. The listen to live mobile calls feature is usually part of their more expensive feature rich plans usually referred to as their PRO spy plan.

What intercepting a mobile phone conversation process is like.


Once you have set everything up which only literally only takes five to ten minutes...

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How to get started listening to cell phone calls.


There are two types of smart phone apps for listening to a cell phones conversations.

The first type must be installed to the phone whose live calls you want to spy on. The second type is referred to as remote cell phone spyware and this type gets installed to your own cell phone.

At first glance you might opt for the second kind as installing any type of app to your own mobile phone is going to be a lot easier than trying to get a hold of their cell phone to install the conversation spy app right?...

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Save money by choosing the least expensive smart phone apps for spying on cell phone conversations.


Until recently there was only one cell phone monitoring and spy app capable of eavesdropping on live cell phone calls. Because of this Flexispy was able to charge the hefty fee of $349 for a single year of this spy feature.

Several other cell phone monitoring app vendors now have this technology available and you can get the incredibly powerful mobile call listening spy feature at a fraction of that price.

The secret is to know WHICH vendors mobile monitor software has this feature and which ones have this feature at a...

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Recording cell phone conversations you listen in to and spy on.


All of the smart phone spy software that allows you to listen to cell phone conversations also allows you to record these cell phone conversations as well.

This is most useful if you wish to examine the conversations later and some people even use these recordings as evidence regarding relationship infidelity for example. Luckily recording these mobile phone eavesdropping sessions is no more complicated than listening in on them. The ability to record the mobile conversations also does not cost any more money as all the programs...

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Spybubble PRO spy plan has live call spying or call interception feature as well as call recording.

::::::: SPYBUBBLE :::::::

If your looking for reliable live cell phone conversation eavesdropping AND live cell phone conversation eavesdropping RECORDING you really can not do any better than Spybubble.

Spybubble is by far the least expensive of ANY cell phone conversation listening software. Spybubble has a Spybubble BASIC and Spybubble PRO spy plan.

To get the live cell phone listening and live cell phone recording features you need the Spybubble PRO spy plan which is a mere $89. Forget trying to get these high powered mobile spy features for...

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Flexispy PRO spy plan lets you listen to live conversations for $349.

::::::: FLEXISPY :::::::

Flexispy is the original pioneer when it comes to spy software allowing you to listen to and record cell phone conversations.

Since Flexispy was, until recently, the only company with this technology they were able to charge whatever they wished and they did at a hefty price tag of $349 to be able to spy on and listen to live calls. To be able to record these call interceptions sessions you had to order a Flexispy addon called FlexiRecord and pay even more money.

Flexispy's spy product is definitely...

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StealthGenie has live call intercept and live call intercept recording.

::::: STEALTHGENIE :::::

StealthGenie is a very good mobile spy product with the ability to listen to live mobile conversations and record them for a price of $199 at the time of this writing.

The biggest weakness to StealthGenie is their conversations spy and record technology only works for Blackberry, Android, and Iphone. For most people this is not a problem but Spybubble Pro works on those smart phones and Windows Mobile and Symbian/Nokia phones as well.

The one thing you will love about StealthGenie is the members area interface if very well designed.

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Cell Tracker has live call intercept eavesdropping but not call spy recording.

:::::: CELLTRACKER ::::::

Cell Tracker is a slighty different class of cell phone conversation spying software. Cell Tracker is a remote phone spy meaning it gets installed to your own cell phone and not the one you want to spy on.

This makes things a lot simpler for many people as oftentimes the biggest hassle of being able to listen to and spy on anyone's mobile conversations is getting the spy app on their phone in the first place. Cell-Tracker circumvents this issue which is a nice feature but one thing you have to be aware of is you can't record cell phone conversations...

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Cell Control has cell phone conversation spying but no recording of live conversations.

:::::: CELLCONTROL ::::::

Cell Control, like Cell Tracker, is also a remote phone spy allowing you to spy on a cell phone without having to access it.

Like its sister cell phone spy, Cell-Tracker, Cell Control lets you listen to live ongoing cell phone conversations but does not have the ability to record them. Like Cell-Tracker Cell Control costs a one time fee of $69 with no future fees ever so the price of Cell Control is certainly not an issue. Like Cell-Tracker Cell Control, being that its a remote phone spy, is incapable of recording the conversations...

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